Haley Spurlock

Onboarding Coordinator

"Be so completely yourself that everyone else feels safe to be themselves, too!"

Haley joined Sun as an Onboarding Coordinator in December of 2021.  Before joining Sun, Haley was a Recruitment Specialist for Girl Scouts.  With prior HR experience in the finance world, Haley was excited to get back to her roots in onboarding here at Sun.

Haley loves traveling with her fiancé, Travis, and spending time at home with their three kitterinos, Jim Bob, Noodles and Mitzy!  Haley also enjoys baking and trying new recipes, shopping and all these colorful!


Victoria Cortright

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Life's a Garden, Dig It

Victoria joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in July of 2018, with a background in technical recruiting and a passion for working with people to help them find a career that fits them.  She has always had an interest in Human Resources and is looking forward to working her way further into the field.

In her free time, Victoria enjoys spending time with her dog, Oz, going to concerts, adventuring around taking pictures with her camera, and binge watching Vanderpump Rules.

Mike McDermott

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Detroit Lions fan in search of a Super Bowl victory.

Mike joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in January of 2019.  He graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Wayne State University in 2011, and obtained his Master's degree in Human Resources Management from Walsh College in December of 2014.  He is very passionate about staffing and recruiting.  As a Recruiter, Mike finds it personally rewarding to be able to help candidates build a successful career of their own.

Cooking, his dog Jetta, listening to music on Spotify, movies, politics, sports and traveling are just some of what Mike enjoys.  He is a big fan of the University of Michigan football and basketball, Detroit Tigers baseball, Detroit Red Wings hockey, Detroit Pistons basketball and Detroit Lions football.


Emilee Barnes

Talent Underwriter

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us."


Emilee joined Sun as a Talent Underwriter in January of 2022.  She graduated from Wayne State University in 2017, where she earned dual Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Sociology.  Emilee comes from an extensive customer service background and is excited to help new Sun team members feel as welcome in their careers as she did!

In her free time, Emilee enjoys going to the gym, binge watching Netflix, and spending time with her two cats, Chonky and Noodle.  She is a huge bookworm, usually reading or buying more books than she can fit in her house, and is also a certified dance instructor and ordained minister.



Amanda Belen

Talent Acquisition Specialist

"I pretty much just do whatever Oprah tells me to."

Amanda joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in October 2021.  Prior to Sun, she had a long history of working in the customer service field and always knew working in HR would be her perfect fit.  She loves meeting and getting to know people from all over the country, and is excited for the opportunity to do so every day!

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys hanging out with her dog, Baylor, boating, riding horses, and spending time with her friends and family.


Alisa Milantoni

Talent Acquisition Specialist

A day without laughter is a day wasted.

Alisa joined Sun as an Accounting Administration Assistant in 2016, moved into the role of Team Relations Coordinator in 2017, and settled into the Talent Acquisition Specialist role in February of 2022.  She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from the University of Michigan in 2014.  Alisa has a long history of working in the customer service field and has a passion for connection with people while helping them find a suitable career.

In her spare time, Alisa enjoys binge watching true crime shows and spending time getting pampered at the spa.  Most importantly, Alisa loves making memories with her loving husband and adorable kids who are her world!  Alisa is always up for some good laughs and spending quality time with extended family and friends.  Her future goal is to travel to at least one new state per year, then on to multiple countries to see what the world has to offer.


Shelby Miller

Talent Ambassador 

Dog Mom and Music Lover


Shelby joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in October of 2020, and moved to a Talent Ambassador role in April 2022.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management and Marketing from Grand Valley State University.  She recently completed her certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University.

In her free time, Shelby enjoys performing Improv, spending time with her rescue pups, attending concerts/events, and getting involved in the local community.



Mitchell James

Talent Acquisition Specialist   

With great power, comes great responsibility.


Mitchell joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in March of 2021. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Human Resources from the University of Michigan.  Mitchell has a passion for helping others and is excited to help people find their perfect fit here at Sun.        

In his free time, Mitchell enjoys managing his baseball team and is also a personal trainer. 



Carly Frederickson

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. 


Carly joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in October 2021.  She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Communications from Grand Valley State University, and obtained her MBA - Human Resources from Saint Leo University.  Carly has experience working in the higher education and tech environments, and is very passionate about helping people reach their career goals!  Fun fact - Carly worked as a camp unit leader every summer throughout her college career, and to this day, loves camping and being outdoors.

Some of Carly's other hobbies include running and working out, hanging with her husband and dog, reading, doing anything outdoors, and watching sports.  Carly has spent most of her adult life in the South (Florida and South Carolina), but her Midwest roots have recently called her back to Michigan.    



Sarah Marble

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Family First, Dog Lover, and Outdoorswoman


Sarah joined Sun as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in October of 2020.  Though it was a crazy time in history to start a new job, she was excited to be part of an upbeat, dynamic, and employee-centric team.  As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, she strives to provide top-north service to hiring managers, potential and current team members alike.  Prior to working to Sun, Sarah worked at a boutique executive recruiting firm in the Detroit area, a luxury resort in Boulder, and as a teacher in Kalamazoo.

Sarah is from small-town Northern Michigan and loves being on the lake.  Anytime the weather is above freezing, she looks to spend time outside.  Some of her favorite activities include camping, kayaking, hiking, dirt biking and simply sitting on the beach or around a campfire.


Domenica LaMilza

Team Leader, Onboarding

Ask - Believe - Receive!

Domenica joined Sun as a temporary Administrative Assistant in Social Responsibility and Marketing from October 2017 to April 2018, and returned as an Onboarding Coordinator in September of 2019. She was promoted to Sr. Onboarding Coordinator in July of 2021, and Team Leader, Onboarding in March 2022.  She earned her Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies and Event Management from Western Michigan University in 2016.

Any spare time Domenica has is spent with her adorable blue nose Pitbull, Stella.  Domenica is a community advocate for breed specific legislation and she has a passion for nursing animals, such as raccoons and squirrels, back to health.  Her eight nieces and nephews also keep her very busy as she maintains the reputation of "the cool aunt."

Sandra Djelosevic

Talent Underwriter

Eager to Learn; My Family is My #1 Priority

Sandra joined Sun as a Recruiting Assistant in September of 2019, and was promoted to a Talent Underwriter in April of 2021.  She is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Development at Oakland University.

Sandra was born and raised in Montenegro and moved to the United States 10 years ago.  She worked 5+ years as a PT assistant.  Wife to Anthony and mommy to a baby girl Olivia who she adores with her whole life.  Sandra is very passionate about anything job related and is always willing to learn more and expand her knowledge.  Her happy place is spending time with her family and anywhere near the beach.  Sandra enjoys spending every second with her loved ones, traveling, and enjoying life.


Brooke Stewart

Talent Underwriter

Be good to people for no reason.


Brooke joined Sun as a Talent Underwriter in August of 2021.  She graduated from Davenport University in December of 2020 where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management.  Brooke loves being able to help so many people on a daily basis, which is why she chose a career in HR.  She loves meeting and talking to new people, and is thrilled to help others become excited about their new career here at Sun!

In her free time, Brooke loves spending time with her husband and their golden retriever pup, Maddox.  She also spends a lot of her free weekends in Grand Rapids hanging out with her family and especially enjoys spending time with her two nieces.  Brooke is a huge dog lover, enjoys being outside as much as she possibly can, going to country music concerts, and hanging out with her friends.


Kelli Kate

Talent Acquisition Specialist

In a world full of roses, be a sunflower


Kelli joined Sun as a temporary Talent Acquisition Specialist in March of 2020, and joined as a year-round team member in July of 2020.  Before joining Sun, Kelli was a full time floral and wedding designer, with a background in all things green.  Kelli has always had a passion for art, and now a new love as a recruiter.

Kelli is a Harry Potter enthusiast.  She enjoys spending most of her free time hanging out with her pup, Thomas.  Her hobbies include hammocking, traveling to music festivals, crafting and collecting succulents.


Justin Courtemanche

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.


Justin joined Sun as a Facilities Attendant in August of 2019, and was promoted to a Talent Acquisition Specialist in September of 2020.  Before coming to Sun, Justin worked as an Events Coordinator in the recreation department for a city in Metro Detroit.  He also worked as a freelance writer, writing about things pertaining to sports and history.  Since joining the team at Sun, Justin has developed an interest in Human Resources and has since went back to school to obtain a degree in HR.

In December of 2018, Justin and his wife welcomed their first child, Thomas, into the world.  In his free time, Justin and his family enjoy trips up north, particularly Mackinac Island, exploring local hiking trails, and finding the best cider mills the state has to offer.  When Justin has a minute away from being husband and dad, he enjoys sports, craft beer, and reading (mostly about sports and craft beer).