What We Stand For

Sun makes it a priority to recognize and appreciate the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in an atmosphere that promotes and celebrates individual and collective achievement.  We embrace diversity and create a culture surrounded by empowerment used to foster new ideas and economic growth.  We believe it’s not just about gender or race, but being diverse in thoughts, life, and work experiences. We take pride in being different; it’s what sets us apart.  We look to create an inclusive environment that challenges, inspires, rewards, and transforms our team to be the best of the best.

Diversity Awareness

Diversity Awareness helps our people understand the benefits of working with an increasingly dynamic and diverse organization.  That's why we provide a variety of training programs to educate our team about our inclusion and diversity, so they can succeed in our diverse work environment at any stage in their careers.

Did You Know?

∙  74% of the individuals who lead our communities and resorts are women

∙  57% of our workforce is over the age of 50, and 32% are over the age of 60

Exchange Student Program

We're proud to sponsor international students from 14 different countries as part of our annual Work & Travel Program.  The program enables us to provide students with a unique cultural experience while living and working at a Sun RV Resort.  Existing Sun Team Members benefit from the cultural & learning experience of working with students from other cultures and countries. 

Our Teams' Perspectives on Diversity & Inclusion at Sun